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In this Samarkand travel guide we will introduce you to the best things to do and eat in this fascinating city of Uzbekistan. Here you will find the perfect itinerary for Uzbekistan to visit all the major cities of the country, from the capital to the small towns and villages. Our Uzbek routes will start with the most important and important city, Samarksand, before we head to red hot desert cities such as Karakorum, Tashkent, Karabakh and Hujand.

The first stop on our Uzbek backpacking tour is Samarkand, also known as the heart of the Silk Road. The country is practically synonymous with and adjacent to the Silk Road and has a rich history of trade with China, Russia, Iran, India, China and India.

If you are fascinated by the ancient Silk Road, but do not have the time to travel the entire length of the Great Silk Road, you can experience the heart of this road in Uzbekistan. If you donate the time you need to travel from China to Turkey or from China to Turkey, then you should definitely experience it.

If you have more time for a trip to Uzbekistan, read on to find a list of - well-worn - destinations that might interest you. If you are unsure whether to do the tour or not, but want to visit it or another Central Asian country, I have written a guide on how to choose the best destinations for your Uzbekistan trip, which will take you through many of the highlights. And of course I also recommend alternative destinations to escape the tourist crowds.

If you are looking for travel insurance to travel to Uzbekistan, I recommend, a great site to use when looking for a trip - insurance that suits your type of adventure. World Nomads recommends that Uzbeks travel only with travel insurance that provides unlimited medical coverage.

Samarkand is centrally located and it is easy to travel from Tashkent or Bukhara to Samark and back. Uzbekistan has a good rail network and there are international trains to connect it to other parts of the world as well as the US and Europe. Trains are the ideal way to travel between TASHKent, Samarksand and BokhARA (new 2018).

Khiva is less crowded than Bukhara or Samarkand when you visit it, but again many people skip it on their Uzbekistan tour. If you want a better view of the Khiva and other parts of Uzbekistan, such as the city of Tashkent, you must put it on your itinerary.

If you also want to visit Kyrgyzstan, you must obtain a visa, which is highly recommended. Most borders are open to travellers by land, but bear in mind that some borders are only open to nationals, while others may be closed temporarily. If you are planning to visit, make sure that your required visa and travel permit are ready before you cross the border into Uzbekistan to travel to other parts of that country. You can enter and leave Uzbekistan without a visa and you can also consider travelling to the country from there, but tickets can be expensive. It is also recommended to check the travel information on the official website of the Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism and to find more information on their website.

If you visit Uzbekistan as part of a larger overland trip to Stan, you will also find border information to Karawanistan here. This 10-day guide will provide you with information on the best places to visit, as well as a list of the most popular destinations in the country. It also includes a guide to Uzbekistan, which contains everything you need to know for an epic trip to Uzbekistan.

The Overland Travel Information Pages for Uzbekistan consist of two parts: Choose where you want to travel and add alternative destinations for a longer trip to Uzbekistan. The Overland Travel Guide is for overland travelers who want to travel to Uzbekistan, travelers flying in from Tashkent or travelers who want to take a road trip there. We have collected all the useful information you need for a visit to Uzbekland and compiled it to create a kind of Uzbekistan travel guide. Uzbek-Arab travel guide for Olanders: The Uzbek states of the Middle East and Central Asia are the "Uzbekistan Overlands Travel Guide."

If you want to travel to other Central Asian countries, we recommend you travel to the countries of neighboring Tajikistan to experience epic mountain adventures. The largest country in Central Asia from which to start your journey is Kyrgyzstan, because it is the easiest country to reach the region. Last but not least, Turkmenistan is one of the hardest countries to visit, and you will have to do a lot of planning before you can visit it.

How to get from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan is something you will learn during your trip to Tajikistan in Samarkand. Check out our travel videos from Central Asia and learn more about our trip to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmanistan and other countries in the region.

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