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Read everything you need to know before visiting Uzbekistan and read it in our guide, which contains everything about Samarkand, the capital and the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Learning the culture and dress style is one of the most important things you need to know before traveling to Uzbekistan. In our Samarkand travel guide you will find some of our most popular tourist attractions, the most important and monumental things to do in SamARKand and the best restaurants to try. There is a lot to eat, but if you do not know the Uzbek cuisine, it is probably not for you. Check out our guide to know the food in Zbekistan and see the 10 best things in the world you want to learn about before you travel. Here is a list of all the places you visit and all your most needed to - know - about - the - food - of - Uzbekistan during a trip to Uzbekistan.

Explore the historic sites of Samarkand along the Silk Road and get a first glimpse of some of the most popular tourist attractions in Samarkand and Zbekistan.

The Khodja Abdi Darun Shrine is one of the other good options to visit Samarkand along the Silk Road, along with other ancient sites such as Bagh-e-Azam and Khorramshahr Shrine. Also worth a visit is the ancient city of Zbekistan, which houses the oldest mosque in the world, the Qalandar Mosque.

The most beautiful thing to do in Samarkand is the Zinda complex, and the closest Gur - e - Amir mausoleum, the Shah - i - Zinda is a must - see. Without a doubt Samarksand was one of the places I was most looking forward to during my trip to Uzbekistan.

Today Samarkand is one of the best places in Uzbekistan to behave and have a good time. There are a number of great restaurants, shops, museums and other tourist attractions that you should not miss.

Sights worth visiting include the Taj Mahal, the National Museum of Uzbekistan, Samarkand Cathedral and the Uzbek National Park. The beautiful city center with its many restaurants, shops, museums and attractions will not be missed.

If you are unsure whether you want to do the tour and visit Uzbekistan or one of the Central Asian countries, we have written a detailed guide on how to choose the best hotels, restaurants, museums and attractions in Samarkand and Shahrisabz. To learn more about the things you should do in and out of ShahriesabZ, check out our complete Shahriz travel guide here. Check out our travel video about Central Asia for more travel tips, tips and tips for traveling in Central and Asia.

Hopefully you have read our articles and tips for visiting Uzbekistan and would like more details on what to do. Stay up to date with our blog and learn more first-hand about the fascinating history and rich culture of the country.

We have used our top activities in Samarkand Uzbekistan to make the most of your visit and we recommend you to have an extra day off in Samarksand. 25 km from the city, one of the best activities in Samarkan is visiting the Imam Bukhari Mausoleum. The best things to do in Khiva are a must when visiting Uzbekistan and should be included in your itinerary.

When you visit Uzbekistan, you will also talk to the locals about their traditions and culture and open your eyes to its rich heritage, which goes far beyond its unfortunate political situation. A holiday in Uzbekistan is rich in cultural and artistic monuments, which can easily be combined with a visit to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world such as Samarkand and Khiva.

If you are fascinated by the ancient Silk Road, but do not have the time to travel its full length, you can still experience the heart of the Great Silk Road in Uzbekistan. If you don't have time to travel along its length from China to Turkey, you will still find some amazing places in Uzbekistan that will delight you. Don't miss these fascinating things to do in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and the amazing tourist attractions in Khiva.

If you are travelling and want to get a glimpse of local life, visiting the Siyob Bazaar is one of the best things to see and do in Samarkand. Although Uzbekistan is a fairly conservative country, there are still some bars to visit for a little Uzbek nightlife. At SiyaBazaar, you only have to be a few hundred steps from the main entrance to see and do all the things you will do and see. Although this religious site is only a small part of what we will see during the rest of our trip through Uzbekistan, it is still a great place for a quick visit and a good start to your journey to the other things we have seen and done.

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