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If you want to buy real estate in Uzbekistan for sale, invest in the capital of Uzbekistan. Gulf energy companies are leading the way, with Saudi and UAE firms taking a majority stake in a solar power project to be developed in Uzbekistan. The company controls a terminal that is shipped from the Texas Gulf Coast to the US state of Texas, where it ships solar panels and other energy products.

Finally, Uzbekistan's central location in the region means you can cross the border and find yourself in one of the world's most diverse and diverse real estate markets. It is home to several ethnic groups, and in Samarkand you will hear employees and customers about their experiences in various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, business, finance, education and more. CBRE is a subsidiary in Kazakhstan, so we hold a unique position in this market, with an experienced team that is able to advise corporate investors who wish to do business in Uzbekistan.

Until recently, there was no standardized classification office in Uzbekistan, so that the building classes indicated by the landlord often did not correspond to reality.

The real estate market requires structural changes to create a competitive market that attracts participants from all sectors. The main objective of the cadastral system is the registration of property rights, given the state guarantee.

But to encourage investment in housing, the government has relaxed controls on buying properties. Citizens from 111 qualified countries can obtain a residence permit in Uzbekistan if they buy real estate worth $400,000. The market is characterized by low prices and high demand for real estate in Tashkent and its surroundings. In 2014, a law was passed allowing non-residents of TASHKent to buy properties for the first time. Foreigners can obtain a residence permit if they buy a property outside Tashingken or its surrounding areas for less than $400,000, the legislation says.

The property must be worth less than $200,000, with foreigners preferring properties in and around Tashkent, such as the city centre and TASCHKent - Uzbekistan International Airport.

Commercial property prices have risen by about 15% in the past five years, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of Uzbekistan (NBS). If you look at the average price of a one square metre house in Tashkent, the price is initially about one metre per square metre.

It should be noted that the situation is changing rapidly at the moment and with the liberalisation of the entire economy, the property market is expected to be reborn in the near future. Projects such as Tashkent City will help to increase interest in this market, while promoting reforms to encourage investment and developing an emerging middle class to grow the market will only further the development of the Uzbek economy.

Entrepreneurs will be supported in these types of activities and we will do everything to ensure that we receive high numbers of participants. Our user catalogue provides information about the most popular real estate sites in Uzbekistan as well as the latest news and information.

The Office for Technical Inventory Lists was founded after 70 years of surveying and drawing boundaries. The state land register identifies properties and plots and contains information about them in terms of their size, location, size of land and other details. There is a basic context index, maps and plans, as well as a detailed description of the properties in Uzbekistan.

This database, which brings together information on all properties in the Samarkand section of the State Land Registry, is regularly updated and updated with the available information. This ensures that all Samarksand sections are within the list for each section.

Contact the Samarkand department of the real estate agencies and find all the necessary data for local businesses, including rough guidelines to help you find them along the way. The directory on the Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan provides information about all local businesses as well as a list of local hotels, restaurants and hotels.

According to the State Land Registry Act, there are about 20 cadastres in Uzbekistan. The surveying programme is offered by Samarkand Real Estate Agency Department and local government departments of all provinces of Uzbekistan.

The registration of real estate with state titles is a completely new field of activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan. As I said, the National Land Property Registration System (UzLR 2.2) has been introduced in Uzbekistan, the solution of which is currently being made available to leading organisations in the development of the national land ownership registration system. Since the basis of the system is the Land Registry Act and the Special Law on Land Registry Registration, problems must arise, be solved and their solution found. Subject to the proviso that there will be a special law, there must also be special laws for the registration and management of property in different provinces.

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More About samarkand